Varrakus, Lord of Lizards


Massive. That’s the word that comes to mind when first seeing this lizard. Deep crimson scales mark him as no ordinary lizardfolk. His crest is fiery orange flecked with black spots. He is huge and clad in finely wrought plate armor of a like that you’ve never seen before. His eyes pierce with draconian intensity and his presence is so intense as to almost be a physical force on you. This is truly a ruler among lizards.


Varrakus is the name of the lizard who so many years ago came and slew Xholti’s father, taking over the tribe by right of might. Xholti was forced into exile as a result.

In the years since, Varrakus has been consolidating his power, apparently absorbing tribes by slaying their leaders.

Varrakus has brought strange ways to the lizardfolk confederation. New weapons and steel armor, things normally unfamiliar to lizardfolk. Where Varrakus acquired these new armaments is up for debate as lizards are not known for their metal shaping, nor are their swamps known for ore deposits.

One thing is for certain, Varrakus’s power is rising, and the lizardfolk under him have had the run of the plains for many months, carving out new lands for themselves. They will be hard to stop, let alone expel.

Varrakus, Lord of Lizards

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