The Reach Campaign

Story so far...

Gorothel, Merilel and Xholti all met in the sleepy little town of Hommlet. In need of work, the three strangers agreed to work together to investigate suspicious activity at an old moathouse nearby. They met Rhuarc outside the moathouse, who had his own reasons for wanting to investigate the ruined stronghold. Together the four defeated the blue dragon youth, Utreshimon, as well as the strange cultists within the temple.

They reported their findings back in town only to later be ambushed by more of the cultists who had hidden themselves among the townsfolk. The town’s only mill burned to the ground in the confrontation. Having earned the ire of the locals and in need of more potent supplies and equipment, the group headed to Verbobonc, a nearby large city. They met and traveled along with a friendly bard named Nell, whose aid was helpful in the encounters on the way. The party arrived just in time to take part in some local holiday competitions, earning themselves some instant acclaim as well as spending coins.

The group then received a pair of interlinked and lucrative missions that lead them north and eventually into a demi-plane of twilight. They met a local half-elven ranger named Thorin who decided to aid them in their quest. The plane was dominated by a glass tower playing host to a war between undead and orc raiders. After discovering that they were trapped in the realm, the party battled their way through both sides of the conflict within the tower to rescue the lost noble’s daughter, Duladora, as well as recover the Grail of Shargrailar. Thorin was unfortunately slain in battle along the way, though the party was able to reincarnate him in the form of a centaur to continue protecting his village before leaving the region.

Returning to Verbobonc ended up bringing the group into contact with its newest member, Nermissaris. Nermissaris had been taken prisoner by a band of lizardfolk from Xholti’s old tribe and had been brought leagues away to be sold in Verbobonc. The lizardfolk were defeated and Nermissaris joined the group, who were all then caught up in a city wide lockdown that was then followed by a coup. They used the confusion during the coup to escape the city and head south to confront the lizardfolk enslavers.

After leaving Verbobonc, Yerif, a traveler who had helped in the escape endeavor, poisoned Gorothel with a paralyzing agent and whisked her away in the night. When the group pursued, they discovered that Yerif had been used and discarded to bring Gorothel into the clutches of Fey’ri renegade hunters who had been searching for her ever since her escape from her family. After a vicious brawl leaving one of the Fey’ri dead, and much of the group injured, Gorothel’s cousin refused to kill her when ordered and instead deceived his fellow hunters into thinking he had. The party escaped and traveled steathily southward, briefly stopping in Hommlet for some supplies.

Discovering that the southern road had been turned into swampland, the party was forced to take a detour through the wood, where they came upon the village of Ossington in the midst of starvation and subject to a campaign of terror. The party pledged to aid the villagers and set about striking down their attackers. The first stop was a nearby tomb to discover if the ghostly horseman was related to the undead creatures there. The warlord entombed there had more sentience than his fellows and offered to forgive their trespass if they would fight him in honorable combat. The party spat upon his offer and murdered him in his home along with his minions. They discovered a journal that the ancient warrior had been keeping that had a few relevant notes.

Next the group tracked down the elves and put the group of guerilla fighters to the sword. Only after finishing off the woodland denizens did they discover the treachery that had been visited upon the elves. The entire elven village had been wiped out under a flag of parlay. Following the discovery, the ghostly rider relentlessly attacked and kept the party from resting, returning again and again as they tried to sleep. The party pursued him north and discovered that the rider was the ghost of a former paladin of Lathander, who had been stabbed dozens and dozens of times. Armed with these revelations, the group headed to Ossington to confront the villagers.


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